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(No) Time For Tea

Harriet Talbot, Nov 25, 2016

Coole Swan Perfect Pour

We love visitors of all shapes and sizes. Granny popping round for tea (especially when she brings her famous brown bread), the neighbouring farmer (usually with some good advice) and of course Michael the delivery man, or ‘Pat’ as we’ve fondly named him (not that he knows this).

The main reason we like visits from Pat is because he comes to pick up the Coole Swan orders that are ready and waiting to be sent off around the world. We like pressing our noses up against the window and watching him climb into his van as he pulls out the drive, taking Coole Swan bottles with him as they begin their journey that will end at your front door.

We always try and get Pat to stop for a cup of tea and tell us a story, but he never has the time! “Can’t, got to get the deliveries done!” is always his response. And we’ve tried everything – timing the kettle boil precisely as he walks in the door (resulting in him walking into a puff of steam). Dropping hints about how GREAT Granny’s soda bread would be WITH A CUP OF TEA?!? Even Philip Brady gently guiding a cow to elegantly sit on the bonnet of the van….(just kidding)

But no. Always too busy! It’s not that he’s ungrateful, he’s just very dedicated to the deliveries.

We live in hope that Pat will one day take all our hints. In the meantime, next time you receive Coole Swan to your door, remember your bottle started with Pat (Michael) who’s too busy to stop in for a cup of tea!


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