Here’s a cocktail to take your breath away – Mint, Coole Swan and a generous splash of Sambuca combine to create a drink that is both sharp and bracing. Among our seasoned cocktail tasters, this was a favourite that they enjoyed again and again


30ml / 1oz. Coole Swan

10ml / 0.3oz. Crème de Menthe

10ml / 0.3oz. Sambuca


Place the ingredients in your Coole Swan Cocktail Shaker. Put in the ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into a glass of your choice – we used the Coole Swan Signature Glass.


Sprinkle chocolate flakes or a chocolate curl and mint leaf.


Taste – This tastes amazing – the mint is refreshing while the Sambuca and Coole Swan makes no apologies.

What we found – Absinthe or Sambuca both work really well in this cocktail. This was a universally favourite cocktail amongst the brave souls at Coole Swan who tasted every one we made.