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The Mission Year

cooleswan, Jan 20, 2017

Christmas lights Defocused

Spreading joy through whiskey, chocolate and cream


The name’s Swan…..Coole Swan

Now we’re not jumping to any conclusions, but it’s a little-known fact that Navan, Co. Meath is home to Pierce Brosnen, aka James Bond. Now we at Coole Swan like to think that that’s no coincidence, and that there must be something in the water seeing as we’re about to deploy a secret mission of our own….

We’d like to introduce to you 2017 as The Mission Year

“What’s the mission?” we hear you cry. Well, we’re on a simple mission to spread joy through whiskey, chocolate and cream. Because let’s face it, there’s a hell of a lot of joy to be found in those three ingredients when combined to make Coole Swan. Not only joy, but also delight in sharing, discovering something new and creating good times.

This year we’re going to be taking Coole Swan to a whole new level. We’re way more than just a cream liqueur. But we want you’re help! You’ve supported us on our journey this far. Taking us across to the UK, America, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Cyprus…..(we’ll stop before we risk sounding like a world Atlas….). Not only that but inspiring us with your cocktails, creating new recipes, baking Coole Swan perfection in many forms and telling us on Facebook what you think of our cows……thank you for supporting us. We truly mean that.

Strap yourselves in…we’re just getting started! Be a part of our mission! Help us spread joy through Whiskey, Chocolate and Cream. So we can look back and say “yup, I’d say we spread something….”

So tell a friend about Coole Swan, or how about letting us know where you’d like to be able to buy it, or pestering the bartender in your local to get a bottle in for the masses to enjoy – your support is invaluable.

And in return we promise to keep making Coole Swan in the exact way we always have done. Combining a finely balanced single malt Irish whiskey with beautiful Belgian white chocolate and rich Irish cream. Made with love by our Irish family to be enjoyed by you the world over.

Spreading joy through whiskey, chocolate and cream is what 2017 is all about. And we can’t wait!


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