A splash of rum, a generous shot of vodka, and a chilled measure of Coole Swan come together to create an ingenious rock-paper-scissors cocktail. You can add the zest of an orange to help temper the potent flavour, but what we really recommend is that you add another delicious dose of Coole Swan.


40ml / 1.3oz. Coole Swan

40ml / 1.3oz. Coconut Rum

40ml / 1.3oz. Vodka


Place the ingredients in your Coole Swan Cocktail Shaker. Put in the ice. Shake vigorously. Pour into a glass of your choice – we used the Coole Swan Signature Glass.


Zest an orange straight on top. An orange peel spiral is also a nice touch.


Taste – This is a clever drink – we really loved the combination of the three drinks and the addition of orange zest transported us to the Caribbean

What we found – if at first you find the taste a little strong add a little more Coole Swan (5 – 7ml)